An anniversary is a momentous occasion that demands you to bestow your partner with the most special gifts. All celebrations are incomplete without a gesture that speaks volumes of just how much you love them. Due to the immense pressure for this day, people often find it hard to find the perfect gift for him or her.

Since an anniversary is a celebration of your love and togetherness, the present you give needs to match these sentiments. Fortunately, there is no hard and fast rule stating you have to splurge on your anniversary gift. It can be something modest yet thoughtful, representative of the love you two share.

A great way to begin your gift hunt is by following the handbook of anniversary gifts by year. Stay tuned to find out how you can incorporate this theme to surprise your partner with the best gift ideas!

1st Anniversary: Paper

Since it’s your first celebration together as a couple, the first anniversary is a big pressure. However, with a simple theme of paper, there are many creative gifts you can spin. To start off, you can buy a lovely frame and install a memorable picture of you two for them to keep on their side table. You may even write an elaborate love note or poem wrapped within a romantic chocolate gift basket.

2nd Anniversary: Cotton

How stunning would your wife look in a cotton scarf tied around her neck? To make things a little more exciting, gift your partner a plush cotton pillow that will put them to sleep with your thoughts in mind! Women can easily purchase crisp cotton shirts for their boyfriend or husband to channel his inner Ralph Lauren!

3rd Anniversary: Leather

The wafting scent of leather would be enough to woo your partner. Men can make do with a gorgeous leather bag for her while women have endless options to make their guy feel special. If there’s one thing about men, they love practical gifts that would be of use to them. You can buy him a leather wallet, leather shoes or a stunning leather jacket that would be worth every penny.

4th Anniversary: Fruit or Flowers

As you’re nearing the half decade mark, celebrations have to be spruced up too! Your girl will love a stunning rose bouquet before you take her out for a fancy dinner. You can even arrange a gourmet gift basket for your partner with all their favorite fruits to show them you really care for their well-being.

5th Anniversary: Wood

The fifth anniversary is really a milestone achievement for any couple! Celebrate these years with a wood gift, signifying the strength and resilience of your bond. A stunning wooden frame, some furniture for their office and wooden coasters with love quotes or a wooden watch are all brilliant anniversary gift ideas to make your partner happy.

6th Anniversary: Candy

There is something incredibly sweet about a couple that has stood the test of time and made it this far, so it only makes sense to celebrate it with candy! Both men and women love chocolate, as it induces the same chemicals released in your body when you’re in love. A warm hot chocolate gift basket or a fancy Godiva gift basket will surely please your sweetheart.

7th Anniversary: Wool or Copper

The seventh anniversary celebration calls for something a little intimate. How about a soft woolen throw that you and your partner can cuddle under for an evening in? You can even gift him copper desk sets that will significantly enhance the appearance of his office!

8th Anniversary: Bronze or Pottery

Any woman would love some fresh flowers planted in a stunning pottery vase at her doorstep. As you’re nearing the big ten, you are probably living in if you aren’t yet married. Decorate your house with some fancy bronze sculptors that would pay tribute to your resilience as a couple.

9th Anniversary: Willow

For your ninth anniversary celebrations, take them out for a picnic with an earnest to goodness home cooked meals. Surprise her with a gorgeous spread of fresh cheese, salad, and fruit laid out in a brand new selection of willow bowls. In return, a woman can gift their partners gorgeous and rustic willow pens that men can excavate for good use.

10th Anniversary: Tin, Aluminum

The grand ten requires something super special. Keeping up with the theme, gift them an assortment of ten things they love in a beautiful metal box as a keepsake. This could include flowers, chocolates, their favorite wine, a picture of you two, and anything else they like, topped off with a handwritten, personalized card.

Finding the perfect anniversary gift has never been so simple! Commemorate each year in style to top off last year’s celebrations. Find an assortment of gifts that your partner appreciates and loves you a little more with each year.


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