Getting an appropriate gift for your boss can be tricky because you don’t want to misinterpret their personality and give them something they might not be too pleased with. On special occasions, it is a corporate courtesy to send a token of appreciation to your supervisors.

Gifts for a boss should maintain a degree of professionalism and convey your gratitude at the same time. If you’re worried what to gift your boss for Thanksgiving, their birthday, or as a routinely way to say thank you for their mentorship, we have a list of 10 gifts that are sure to put you in your boss’s good graces!

1. Fresh Fruit Basket

A fresh basket with nature’s bounty is a wholesome gift that any recipient would appreciate. Since the holiday season is approaching, you can send your regards to your boss and their family with a gourmet food basket delivery that says someone really cares. If you’re acquainted with your boss’s choice, you can pick the goodies according to their personal preference.

2. Chocolate Assortment

Chocolates have earned the title as the safest gift for anyone, for all occasions! If your boss is fond of sweet treats, send them a chocolate gift basket with some of the more sophisticated chocolate brands. Your boss can end their night on a sweet note, enjoying a delicious Godiva gift basket with their family on Thanksgiving or Christmas.

3. Perfume

If you’re acquainted with your boss’s choice, a perfume is a professional gift to give on a birthday or their housewarming party. You can even opt for a corporate gift basket and add chocolates, cheese, and crackers to make them a package they just can’t refuse.

4. Desk Organizer

Since work is the most obvious common thing between you and your boss, this would make a useful gift for them. Get a classy desk organizer for your manager so they can de-clutter their desk easily after a hard day at work. This gift is both practical and a small gesture to say thank you for their guidance to you at your job.

5. Bookmark

If your boss is an avid reader, they might have a collection of their favorite bookmarks. Give them another to add to their assortment! Pair the bookmark with a choice of their book and add a little note inside to make the gift more personalized.

6. Coffee Hamper

If your boss loves his cup of Joe, he will appreciate a coffee hamper with all his favorite goodies. Fill the basket with a premium selection of great smelling coffees, cookies, and perhaps a coffee mug with a ‘best boss’ sign so he can remember you every time he sips his brew!

7. A Classic Pen

There is nothing more simple yet elegant than a classic pen for your boss. He can add this statement pen to his collection or simple display it in his office. A pen is both useful and ideal as a corporate gift for a boss you are trying to impress!

8. Spa Package

If you have a lady boss, show her you really care with a well put together spa package treat! The basket should contain all the goodies she needs to relax and unwind on the weekend after all her hard work. Send the spa package as a thank you gift or as a token on a special occasion.

9. Lined Notebook

These small books are just the right size to fit in your boss’s pocket when he is travelling. The notebook can be a handy tool to jot down notes on one of his business meetings. Useful and practical, your manager will surely appreciate the gesture.

10. Leather Card Holder

If you’re going for something a little more sophisticated, get your boss a premium leather card holder. This would be of great use to him as he can keep his business cards in order at all times.  The leather card holder would be an appropriate gift for your boss’s birthday.

Send your boss your love this holiday season by ordering gifts online. In a single click, impress your manager with your professionalism and care with our choice of these 10 top gifts fit for a boss

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