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Father’s day is a huge occasion, and it needs to be celebrated with pomp and gaiety. We have looked up to our father’s from our childhood either as role models or as inspiration in life. Our father’s teach us how to live, laugh and appreciate life. They have been with us since our very first steps. And dad is our first superhero.

Thus professing undying love and gratitude for your dad by giving gifts help in expressing it.

Here are fifteen different ways you can celebrate Father’s Day during this pandemic :-

A movie marathon

Everyone loves watching movies of different genres from thriller to comedy. Plan a whole day of a trendy long list of movies that are a mixture of horror, comedy to thriller and tragedy. This way you can spend quality time with your dad and even make the most of the day.


A big box of chocolates will just light up the whole day, and dads who have a little too much of a sweet tooth will appreciate this sweet gesture. Do check our website The World Gifts for some amazing collections of chocolates.

A Walk

A Walk may be mundane and boring but not when it is accompanied by the star of the day, which is your “dad”. It is so relieving to get out of the same repetitive cycle of waking up and working through the day and going for a walk instead and taking in the cold breeze. This can reduce his stress and you get to spend some quality time with him.

A personalized wallet

Though it can be childish but it will mean something for your dad to have his name engraved in leather on his wallet this Father’s day, a sweet gift but personalized just for him.

Gift Basket

Father’s Day gifts do include this fantastic Gift basket which can either be of a wide variety of chocolates or a healthy basket of fruits. This will last long enough till you come out of the festive mood for Father’s Day or gift him by ordering it from any place of destination to anywhere to surprise him.

A Watch

Watches never go out of fashion and in this pandemic if you are living far away from your dad do try to surprise him by gifting him a classy watch to remind him of his old college days memories.

Bring Spa-to-home

Bring the spa home with this exhilarating spa basket to pamper your dad and to make him feel loved and cherished, and surround him with ultra super positivity to let him feel relaxed.


This gift is for all the voracious reader dads who just love reading books, do buy any classic from Percy Byshee Shelley to Shakespeare for your dear dad as soon as possible.

Sports Donuts

This is a freaky idea for all the dads who are die-hard fans of sports. These tasty donuts are glazed with the amazing designs regarding sports.Do gift your dad a big box of donuts to make the day more wonderful.

A Candle-lit Dinner

A tasty scrumptious meal in the backdrop of a candle light is very pleasant and can help forge beautiful memories with your dear papa.

Play an old classic game

Get your dad to spend the day by playing a classic game like Monopoly or Ludo whichever appeases to him, this might take him back to his own childhood and look at the smile that lights up his face.

Watch a lot of Stand-up comedy

Everyone falls in love with good comedy and that is essential to make us happy. So try watching a lot of comedy specials and laugh till you drop. This makes Father’s Day more worthwhile and awesome

Have a virtual date with your dad

It might get lonely during the pandemic if you live in a far off place and to make his day special video call him and get on a dinner date with your dad.

Gift him a bouquet

Last but not the least the best way to wake up is by giving your lovely father a beautiful bouquet and thanking him for being the best dad ever with a combination of breakfast in bed. This will be a memory etched into his mind forever.

Check out our page for more such gift ideas and do keep coming back for more!!!


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