Ask your dad what he wants for his birthday and you’ll be met with a blank expression that leaves no room for finding the perfect gift, something he will actually use. Buying expensive gifts will not always do the trick-it’ll just be another addition to his repository of unused presents tucked away in the closet.So this brings us to one of the most Google’d questions as Father’s Day approaches: what are the best gift ideas for a dad who’s hard to please? To save you some trouble and screen time, we dug a little deeper to find out what men like. This Father’s Day, we’re targeting all the men who say they don’t like presents!

Master of the Grill

Summer calls for a lavish BBQ near the poolside, and who’s going to be in charge of the grilling? You guessed it! Men love to whip up an earnest to goodness meal and don’t mind working as long as it’s at the grill. Keeping this in mind, what would your dad love more than a complete basket for all your grilling needs (no pun intended)?The grill basket includes an assortment of condiments that will complement any choice of meat. Safe to say, this basket will be finished as your dad generously hosts a plethora of lunches and dinners to display his awesome grilling skills.

Football Fan Gift Pack :

Is your dad or baby daddy a fan of football? Well, look no further for the perfect gift, or should we say kickass gift? Out of the men we know, it is safe to say 90% of them have a craze for the sport, and rightly so. If your dad or husband is glued to the television screen as soon as a football match comes up, he will love this thoughtful present.The football gift pack includes everything a football fan will love and appreciate. It has snacks that he might enjoy munching on as he watches the super league. It also has the characteristic foam finger snack, a paraphernalia item to show support for his favorite team. With all these football themed goodies, you can’t go wrong no matter how hard he is to please!

Crazy About Chocolate :

According to our research, men prefer chocolate as a snack for long car journeys, so if your dad loves to travel in and out of the city, here is what you can get him to make his excursions more fun! To top that off, who doesn’t love chocolate? A gooey chocolate bar is just perfect for a dad with a sweet tooth.This Crazy About Chocolate gift basket will put all his chocolate cravings to rest. What’s more? You get to enjoy some too! The chocolate basket contains an assortment of the most popular chocolates, including Ferrero Rocher, Toblerone, Lindt and more.

Bewitching Spa Gift Basket for Men

While your dad may not openly admit it, all men love to pamper and groom themselves, and why shouldn’t they? Dads word hard to provide you a secure future but he also needs some much needed time off. Well, this is your chance to help him do that because he definitely won’t do it on his own!This complete spa gift basket is made exclusively for me and contains everything he needs to enjoy a spa retreat right at home. It contains organic shaving jelly, natural honey, organic miracle and much more to make him feel as young as ever!

Classic Anthurium Plant:

Whether your dad is working from home or office, his space could use a little greenery. This is even better if your dad is fond of gardening and plants, as most fathers are. This plant would serve real use to him as he can lovingly place it on his desk and remember you each time he looks at it. Mission accomplished!We chose the Anthurium plant because it has been heralded as one of the plants in NASA’s air purifying plant list. It is considered one of the best houseplants as it cleans the air, providing a safe and relaxing environment. This plant will make a thoughtful gift for your dad that he will appreciate and get real use out of.

Send Father’s Day Gifts! :

So what are you waiting for? Father’s Day is all set to take place on the 20th of June so hurry up and schedule your Father’s Day gift deliveries from anywhere in the world. Take this time to let your dad know just how much you love and appreciate him. We wish all the dads a very happy father’s day!

Gilbert Taylor, The World Gifts


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