Finding someone who doesn’t like chocolate is hard, and naturally so! Fortunately, finding the right chocolate gift for a chocoholic is super easy. Since we all want to send out gifts that would be well-received, the pressure is immense! Thankfully, chocolates make suitable gifts for a plethora of occasions. They are sweet and loveable, just like all celebrations!

Whether it’s an anniversary or birthday, Valentine’s Day or Christmas, you just cannot go wrong with a chocolate gift basket. However, making sure that you keep it up to the mark and away from being a clichéd choice is the real task. The good news is that we have combined some of the best chocolate gift ideas that are very much relevant in the new decade.

Lo and behold as we present some of the most creative chocolate gifts for your lovers, friends, parents as well as bosses!

Hot Chocolate Machine

When it hasn’t been your day, week, your month, or even your year, is there a more comforting drink than a gooey mug of hot chocolate? Whatever the occasion, your recipient will absolutely love this handy and innovative idea! We are done with the boring coffee and tea machines. Now it’s time to create silky hot chocolate, delicious enough to coax you into a good mood.

Present this cool kitchen appliance with a wonderfully decorated hot chocolate gift basket, comprising of all the goodies your loved ones will need to make themselves some hot cocoa. We suggest some Hershey’s and marshmallows with cookies for a complete chocoholic gift hamper!

Chocolate Cake

We know, we know, but what good is a birthday without that good old fashioned chocolate cake? No matter how far, now you can schedule a hassle-free, easy delivery to your long distance friend’s or partner’s house as soon as the clock strikes twelve!  

If a cake seems lonely, we suggest you throw in a delectable chocolate and flower bouquet since both chocolates and flowers scream celebration like nothing else.  Customize this by selecting flowers and chocolates that are your recipient’s favorite. Make up for your absence on their big day with this amazing birthday package that anyone will absolutely adore.

Dessert Cook Book

Is there anything like too much chocolate? No way! This is why give your loved ones something they can never run out of: an endless supply of delicious recipes to be made out of chocolate. Since cooking is a healthy activity, it’s the best way to let them pass some time, especially during the quarantine.

Choose a cook book with loads of delicious recipes to be made out of chocolates including cakes, brownies, truffles, and doughnuts. Send over a special Godiva gift basket along with the cook book to get them started off with the best of ingredients. Anyone with even the slightest flare for baking will appreciate the gesture.

Chocolate Scented Candle

Chocolate lovers will tell you how much they love the wafting scent of chocolate, reminiscent of the aroma from grandma’s freshly baked batch of brownies. There are several options available for you to choose from, depending on the preference of your recipient. However, make sure they are well aware of the precautions to take when lighting candles in their room.

Make sure you send a couple of chocolate bars along with the scented candles so your loves ones can satiate their sweet tooth without just longing for chocolate with just the scented candles!  Make a handsome basket with a card to make the gesture even more special.

Chocolate Fondue Platter

Create a gourmet gift basket complete with fresh fruits and a delicious pot of chocolate. Get them practically salivating as they unwrap the platter with all the goodies one could need! This food platter would make a great gift for your boss, colleague, or to send on occasions like holidays.

You can never go wrong with the winning combination of fruits and chocolate!

Chocolate gifts don’t have to be boring. Choose from our given options and see how you can bring a smile to your loved ones’ faces even from across borders.


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