The Holy Month of Ramadan holds a great significance in the lives of Muslims. It’s the time for reflection and celebration, to give back to the community, to reconnect with friends and family.  Gifting is an important part of this celebration, be it giving a thoughtful gift to your iftar host, a token of appreciation to your family or small gifts to those who help and support you in day-to-day life, it is a way of expression, to show them how important they are to you.

Since Ramadan is usually a busy month, full of iftar and suhoor invites, make sure you are also prepared for corporate gifting to show people in your professional circle that you value their work and contribution. From personalised gift ideas to lavish gestures, we have a list Ramadan gift ideas to inspire you this Holy Month.

  1. Dry Fruit Baskets:
    Dry fruits are to Ramadan what chocolate eggs are to Easter. Almonds, walnuts, raisins and dates are a healthy and relevant gift option for co-workers and colleagues. It will boost the morale of your work-friends and would prove to be a thoughtful gift.
  2. Personalized Magic Mugs:
    If you are ordering in bulk, your clientele will be amazed to receive a considerate gift like magic mugs that are personalized to the occasion. It will light up their mood as a token of recognition during the festivities.
  3. Chocolate bouquets:
    You can easily place an order for a chocolates bouquet from an online store. Sweets are always appreciated during festivals and it would help retain the trust, respect and love of your valued employees, customers and clients. Make sure you pick the most premium quality of chocolates for the occasion.
  4. Prayer Mats:
    This is particularly one of the amazing Ramadan corporate gifts option. It is something which is an essential in every Muslim household and is used on a daily basis. There are various colours, designs and sizes available online. You can pick one that suits your budget the best.
  5. Attar:
    Attar is like perfume, only stronger. Another thing apart from the prayer mats that is found in a Muslim household is Attar. It is generously used by everyone during Eid. Attar usually comes in sweet scents and is considered auspicious during the celebration.
  6. Small Accessories:
    Accessories are a great idea for corporate gifting. People appreciate exquisite accessories like cufflinks, wallets, ties, collar pins, key rings, pens and diaries. You can choose any of these or even have them personalized to add a special message or your company’s branding. You can also get employee names on them for a unique touch.
  7. Artisan crafts:
    If you are planning to get a gift for some important people from your professional circle, it can make sense to spend a little more than you would on ordinary Ramadan corporate gifts. You can go out of your way a little and present them with quality handmade and culturally inspired accessories like leather briefcase, or pashmina shawls or scarves. After all, quality and well thought gifts leave a lasting impression.

Whatever you choose to gift, make sure you send a note along, wishing your co-workers or employees the best on this auspicious occasion of Ramadan.

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