This year Easter will fall on 12th April 2020. Easter is the oldest and the most important Christian Festival, the celebration of the death and coming to life again of Jesus Christ. For Christians, the dawn of Easter Sunday with its message of new life is the high point of the Christian year. On this occasion, surprise someone with great Easter gifts.

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When Easter rolls around, you might think about building Easter baskets for your friends and family members. However, Easter baskets can get old if you put the same candy and other items inside them every year. Easter gifts that are more unique can easily be found online. There are things for every child and adults to enjoy and here are a few Easter Gift Delivery ideas.

Young kids

For younger children, you might consider things like washable sidewalk crayons or chalk. Easter generally rolls around at a good time of the year weather-wise and for the young artist in your family, there is nothing more exciting than a blank canvas that can be wiped clean by rain so they can start all over again.

Easter gifts for younger kids could also include something like colorful tablets that can be placed into the bath water to make it a different color. Bath time will suddenly no longer be boring when the child can choose a different color for every bath.

Books area always a great idea for younger kids as well. Choose books that make sounds or have flaps they can lift so they are more interactive and they will likely become favorites very quickly. You can focus on something that has to do with the Easter bunny or something more meaningful that explains the true reason for Easter.

All Kids

Most kids enjoy stuffed animals so a plush bunny is always a nice addition to the Easter basket. If you want your bunny to stand out, look at the online Easter gifts that are available and choose one that sings, talks, or winds up to make the item even more fun.

Since spring is upon you during the Easter season, heart shaped sunglasses are a fun item for kids of all ages to enjoy. You can get a pack that has a lot of different colors in it and then distribute them amongst all of the kids in your life.

For girls, hair barrettes and other accessories fit nicely into an Easter basket and are items that can be used all year long, especially on Easter Sunday as they get dressed up for the big day.

For boys, little wooden airplanes that they can build and fly are great items for them to enjoy outside if Easter ends up being a nice day.

Older Children and Adults

Older girls and women both enjoy nail polish and there are plenty of tints that are perfect for spring. The bottles are small and inexpensive and they fit perfectly into any Easter gifts basket.

Adults and children also enjoy games like the rubik’s cube, which can stump even the smartest adult and give children of all ages something to do inside if Easter hits on a rainy day.

Gift certificates to a number of different locations are ideal for an Easter basket as well since they are small and can be used to buy a number of different items.

Once you have your Easter gifts compiled and the basket created, you will only have to worry about Easter gift delivery. It is always nice to deliver the baskets in person, but that is not always possible. If you live far away from those who are to receive your gift, consider online Easter gifts and delivery.


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