A father is a girl’s first love. He has been your superhero, your confidante and your savior from mom when need be. It was always a solace to see his reassuring face among the audience at Sport’s Day. We can just go on and on about what a father means to a child – he’s her backbone, her pillar of strength and her iron shield.While we often pay homage to moms, we overlook the myriad of roles and responsibilities dads take on. From helping you take your first steps to walking you down the aisle, your dad is someone who’s always been by your side. This Father’s Day, we put together a list of the best gifts truly deserving of a hero, with love form daddy’s little girl.

Dear Dad Bear

Sometimes, a simple message can convey your feelings best. This adorable teddy bear will remind him of all the nights he cuddled you to sleep. It also features a ‘Dear Dad’ message that will speak your heart out. After all, a father’s love does make all the difference, doesn’t it?

Thanks a Million Deluxe Care Package

This Father’s Day, more than anything, you probably just want to thank your dad for always being there for you. This ‘Thanks a million’ care package spells it out perfectly! Truly fit for a king, this attractive hamper contains an assortment of the best treats, from delicious pretzel twists to chocolate cream filled wafer cookies that your dad can enjoy munching on as he watches the sports highlights.

Picture Perfect Photo Mug

If your dad has an old, run down coffee mug (since he’s too lazy to change it), this is your chance to get him something better. Get your favorite picture with your dad printed on this customizable photo mug. He’ll be reminded of you every time he enjoys his morning cup of Joe. He may be too cool to admit it, but we bet it’ll make his coffee a tad sweeter too!

Delicious Celebration

As a daughter, you’re probably constantly fretting over your dad’s health. Is he eating healthy? Is he exercising? This Father’s Day, buy him a delicious fruit basket with an assortment of juicy fruits. Since it’s a special gift from his little girl, he will have to enjoy those fruits and get a little health boost alongside! As for the adorable container, trust your mom to find good use for it later!

Rustic Money Tree

Is your dad fond of gardening? Give him something he can take care of and nurture. In his care, any plant is sure to blossom. We are all for this pleasant looking rustic money tree because it holds immense significance. This plant is considered the age old good luck charm. A money tree is believed to be an emblem of good fortune and prosperity and that’s just what you wish upon your dad. Is there anyone more deserving in the eyes of a daughter?

Fresh Baked Cookies

Did you and your dad steal cookies from the jar while mom was away? This is your chance to relive good memories spend with your father. If your dad has a sweet tooth, he will enjoy this delicious box of freshly baked cookies that will bring in an air of nostalgia. You can spend the day with him while you munch on cookies and sip on some hot cocoa.

2 Is Better than 1 Picture Frame

As a young girl, you probably learnt the value of love seeing your parents. While this is Father’s Day, there is one block missing to complete his role: his partner, his wife, your mom! Get hold of a picture of your parents and add it to this customizable, stunning glass picture frame with their names spelled below. We bet your dad will also agree that 2 is better than 1.

Bouquet with Balloon

If you’re a college going student with limited budget, this small gesture will make a huge impact. The stunning flower ad balloon combo is sure to delight your dad, especially when the delivery unexpectedly appears at his doorstep. Leave a handwritten note with it to make the gesture even more special. In case he denies getting teary eyed, make sure you film the whole thing!

Send Gifts Online!

Now, you can evade the hassle of physically hunting for gifts and find everything you need under one domain. With a single click, send amazing father’s day gifts as the doting daughter that you are.

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