It is tough to select the perfect flower for the perfect woman out there but we are here to help you with it.So let’s Go!

It has been a while since I’ve got to answer a quiz that concludes and helps in finding the perfect match for different flowers based on our personality and our choices. It was actually meant for women but I knew that everyone could give it a try as Flower Bouquets are universal gifts for any individual despite their own favorites and preferences

But I wanted to give it a try and being a man at heart I answered every question as if the quiz had been taken by the love of my life! I felt exhilarated. It was amazing that I could take a quiz on her behalf and it made me feel good about myself too. The results were concluded and for me it was showcased as roses and calla lilies which I myself love the most and they definitely match my partner’s personality and was the best gift for her. It was such an astonishing reality but not any kind of a dream as we often confront her favorites unconsciously too!

Women and their Personalities

“Women” usually as personalities have always been openly described with a single word called “complex”.But, it feels like it is much more than that and is archaic rather than a single word or a simple description. It is said that men are unusually strong by not displaying their emotions. But truth be told… “Women ” are the true beauty of our life, and perhaps saying they define the epitome of life and are the best gifts on earth.

Importance of Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquets with their semblance to divinity can be related to a woman. Flowers are eternal, fresh, fragrant, and full of life, beautiful and ofcourse natural and loved and are the best gifts given to women. Thus flowers for her are much valued even these days.Supposedly, there might not be any ancient Egyptian engraving about why flowers are generally considered as feminine. But they do resemble the soft and tender beauty of a woman’s heart and also the fragrant quality is loved by all. And perhaps this might be sufficient enough to relate with them!

Women and their love for certain flower bouquets.


It is generally observed that women with a high degree of individuality and confidence levels usually love roses for the reason that bouquets of roses depict a vibrant energy which they perceive and showcase in their personalities.It will be one of the best gifts you can give to such a personality.

Gerbera Daisies

And there are other women who are generally warm in their attitude towards others and have a silent demeanour in their personality and are usually attributed with flowers that have a soft and tender nature like the gerbera daisies.


As there are women all around the world with unique personalities there are different flowers complementing and on par with them Thus the women who are chirpy and perky are usually attributed with the bright flowers like chrysanthemums and an assorted mix of carnations.


Though the flower lilies have been around for decades they are present in abundance and lots of varieties and are known to symbolize love, devotion, purity and fertility. It matches the attributes of New mothers who are as the sweet innocent beauty of the flower is tied to new life and also women who are going through a great change in life, aka rebirth.


Just like everyone likes to maintain good communication, women do have exceptional social skills and do have a resemblance to lovely yellow orchids which symbolize friendship and new beginnings.


Tulip bouquets are different and unique, and Tulips themselves may represent abundance, prosperity, charity, and a philanthropist spirit. It is a fact that tulips are the symbol of spring and have a particular semblance to women who are more individualistic, and have a more serene attitude towards others and cares for herself and others, one who is an assertive woman is just like a tulip.

However, it all depends upon the giver’s choice. So, it is advised that you know about all these different kinds of attributes of your special someone’s personality and then proceed to select the best of the best gifts and choose from here the valuable flowers for her to give a lasting expression of joy and love. .

GILBERT TAYLOR,  The World Gifts


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