When it comes to deciding on a gift for a friend, a family member or a loved one, you can often get confused. You want to gift something unique but then, you are not sure of whether the recipient of the same will like and appreciate it enough or not. And, with the rather common gift items, you are apprehensive that the person you are gifting already has too many of the same. All that being said and considered, chocolates are among the most loved and admired gifts that can never go wrong. Even with these somewhat conventional gift items, you can add uniqueness by preparing excellent chocolate hampers.

So, instead of just picking up a few chocolates and wondering if they are enough as gifts, you can make your own chocolate gift basket by incorporating carefully chosen chocolates as well as other items. There’s nothing more surprising and satisfying than receiving a beautifully decorated gift basket full of one’s favourite chocolates, cookies and more on a special occasion.

If you are all excited to pick up one, then here’s how you can do it.

Choose the Chocolate Basket as Per the Volume of the Content

The gift container or basket is the very first thing to arrange and it can be a wicker basket, a straw basket, a Christmas tin or a plastic container. While choosing the chocolate baskets, make sure that they are not too big compared to the amount of items they are holding. Otherwise, the hamper would look a bit empty and unimpressive. You can also make easy chocolate truffles at home and add those to the basket.

Deck up the Basket in Your Own Way

Different types of chocolates in their colourful wrappers look exciting as always. To match up to them, you need to decorate the basket with bright, glossy, colourful and at times, printed wrappers. Once the entire basket is set up, make sure you tie it up with a ribbon that will serve the purpose of adding a touch of elegance to the hamper more than holding the things together.

Include an Assortment of Other Items in the Chocolate Basket

Depending on the occasion and the theme of the basket, you have the option of including a number of items in the basket. Of course, chocolate will occupy a major part of the hamper because it is a chocolate basket in the very first place. Make sure you put different types and forms of chocolates in the basket as a must. These would necessarily include chocolate bars, white chocolate, dark chocolate, chocolate mints, chocolate covered raisins and chocolate covered strawberries.

If you want it to be a gourmet basket with most things edible, then get some cookies, coffee mixes, fudges and brownies to perfectly complement the theme of your hamper. You can also go for some biscotti, herbal tea and healthy snacks in case you don’t want to leave anything aside. You can put some or all of these mentioned items of course depending upon the size of the hamper as a whole.

Apart from the chocolates, the sweets and snacks, you can order the chocolate hampers delivery service provider to include non-edible but unique things like a chocolate recipe book, a coffee mug or a wooden chocolate spoon in the basket


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