Mother’s Day is just around the corner and if you haven’t shopped for a gift yet, don’t panic, we have got you covered. This day is filled with gratitude, happiness and beautiful emotions. And all of us feel the same way about our beloved mums and want to make sure they feel extra special on this day! So here are a few suggestions, specially thought of, to make your mum’s day a memorable one –

Breakfast in Bed

Start your mother’s special day in the best way possible – with her favourite breakfast in bed. It is practically impossible to mess up breakfast in bed, when it comes to Mother’s Day gifts. All you have to do is find a beautiful tray to put everything on, cook all her favourite things (make sure you have all the ingredients that you need the night before), add some gourmet cookies and serve it with a sweet good morning note or along with a flower. She’d be in a happy mood all day! If you can’t make something elaborate, scrambled or poached eggs, toast, orange juice and maybe a muffin can do the trick!

Scrumptious cakes

Another thing on the list of Mother’s day gift ideas would be to either bake her cake or just order it from an online gift store. These sites usually provide cakes in various flavours and sizes. Chocolate, vanilla, cookie dough, butterscotch, caramel and fresh fruits are some of the best options. You can also get the cake customized or add a box of chocolates or a basket of assorted gourmet products. In case you live in another country, a lot of these gifting sites ship internationally, so that’s sorted too!

Spa kit

Everyone loves to be pampered, especially mothers who work hard to make their families live comfortable and happy lives. So, on Mother’s Day, treat your mum to a lavish spa session. You can order a spa gift basket online that contains bath salts, shampoos, herbal soaps, lotions and maybe even aromatic candles. This is one of the best Mother’s Day gift ideas as it is very thoughtful.

Assorted Tea Box

Tea is not just a basic beverage, but it also comes in different exciting flavours and has many health benefits. It can make for a very special Mother’s Day gift, if you go with an elegant assorted tea box. With flavours like wild strawberry, rhubarb, blueberry petals, bergamot, lime and jasmine flowers, your mum will not only enjoy her breakfast time, it will also keep her stress free and uplift her mood on a regular basis.

Hobby-based starter kit

If your mom has a hobby or an inclination towards something creative, help her nurture it. For example, if she likes cooking, a sushi starter kit could be an exciting gift for her. It would be more than a learning experience, as it would be a fun activity that you can participate in with her and create some happy memories. She would very much appreciate that!

Hope these Mother’s Day gift ideas help you make the right choice and shower your mum with love and happiness.


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