We live in a world today where it’s busy, busy, and busy. There are so many services, thank goodness, that are designed to make our crowded lives easier. Finding a way of wishing happy birthday or happy holidays has really been made much easier by the number of websites that now allow us to send gifts quickly and easily. The problem is that everybody else is doing the same thing so how do you make your gift stand out from the crowd? After all, it doesn’t matter how convenient it is to send your gift, there’s no point in sending it if it can’t be recalled.

One of the best ways of doing this is to send a personalized gift. Of course, you can always have your name, or a message engraved on a token of your affection, but we live in the digital world so look to your own collection of beautiful digital photographs for inspiration. The latest trend is to personalize your gift with a digital photograph, a gift that will definitely say more than 1000 words.

I recently had to choose a birthday gift for my favourite sister who happens to be God Mother to my young daughter. Unfortunately she has had to work overseas for the last 18 months so has missed a big chunk of my little baby girls first three years. I’m always taking photos and emailing them to her but when it came to a birthday present, I found a tote bag where I could print a selection of photographs of baby Ella, not so baby Ella and toddler Ella. The bag looked splendid, beautifully printed and was a fantastic memento for my sister. If bags are not your thing then why not choose a pillow cover and have your favourite picture printed on it? Whatever you choose from the increasing range of products on offer, nothing says personalized more than a picture somewhere where you’d not expect to see it. When it comes to special occasions you can purchase from a wide range of personalised gifts such as cards, mementos, cuddly teddies, picture frame and many more. With fantastic designers the best thing is that you can specifically design & write your own personal message with a particular person in mind and in a few minutes your own personalised gift is ready to go.

A beautiful personalized gift lasts a lifetime. Have a look at our wonderful collection of personalized gifts in Florería Jardín Secreto and make any of your loved ones day!


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