So you finally found her? And now you want to let her know how special she is to you? She is the one, she is the one you want to spend the rest of your life with. The the day you propose is a big day, you  want it to be the most beautiful day ever. So obviously the stakes are really high here but don’t worry, we are here for you. The most important key in cracking your proposal is to make it as personal as you can. Fill up the day with things that only you both will get in this whole world and voilà your dream proposal is ready! 

To make it even more special and beautiful, explore the five unique ways to propose ideas from the gift expert itself.

1. Picnics, cakes and I do

Everyone has a special place or a spot that means a lot and holds a special meaning. Take her to that perfect spot or the favorite park you always enjoy having a walk and getting the best conversation. Arrange a picnic with her favorite snacks and drinks and climax it with her favorite cake! Get wines and cheese from Winestogift to make this picnic just perfect. Slip in that ring in the beautiful customized cake that you get from us at Giftsnideas, and let her dig it up while you can play your favorite song in a cute little Bluetooth speaker or you can even sing for her if that’s your thing!

2. Say it with Roses: the eternal symbol of love.

If you are the kind of couple that likes to keep things simple and humble and enjoys the little things together the most. Then your proposal should speak that too. How about arranging a movie date at your place or hers and if you are not a movie couple then just arrange a simple hangout, invite her or pop up to her place. Grab a bouquet of Roses of her favorite color from our pickupflowers website, you don’t have to stick to red always. And when the door opens, you give her those beautiful flowers and go on one knee and let her know how happy she makes you and how she means the world to you.

3. Surprise with a Puzzle

Are you the kind of couple that enjoys doing activities and fun games together? Then here is a little idea to help you make her your forever game partner. Order a customised photo puzzle with your favourite photo of both of you and ask the question through the puzzle. The customized photo can be printed with the question and at the next big game night, give her the puzzle and anxiously wait for her as she figures out it in the cutest way possible.

4. Perfect dinner for your perfect one

If you are a romantic bear, then the proposal night is the biggest night for you. You can be as romantic as you want, express all the love you have for her in multiple ways and no one will complain.  If you are someone who enjoys expressing your love for her, then here is an idea that you can work around a lot personally and build it up. Prepare your favourite dinner on your own. Play all your favourite tracks, and decorate that little dinner table with roses, chocolate and a teddy bear. Have fairy lights around you and sit down and read her a poem that you wrote for her telling her how much she means to you. Show her a reel of all the good memories you had, and make a slideshow of every happy moment that you shared together. Just wrap her with all the love you have for her and finally ask the question.

5. Ask it through chocolates!

Hey, if you have ever wondered whether your girl loves chocolate more than she loves you, then this one is for you. The thing with chocolate lovers is that they need chocolate for every special occasion, they pair it with them everywhere possible. So how about you ask the big question through some delicious chocolate basket. Place the ring in the middle of the basket and customize the chocolate basket so it reads the question. Arrange the special eve at a special place. Dress up and give the basket to her and enjoy the big night knowing that she is surrounded by everything she loves- chocolates and you!

There are many ways to propose to your partner, but the most important thing is to identify which one would be the best given your partner’s choices and preferences. A proposal doesn’t have to be something too bizarre to be impressive. The ease and comfort of your partner and yourself matter the most while planning the proposal.

Gilbert Taylor, The World Gifts


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