So, your brother has finally bought that dream house he has been planning to for a long time? It surely calls for celebration! However, with siblings living miles away from each other in today’s fast paced world, it can be difficult to be physically present for all special occasions in life. Gift delivery websites make it easy to tackle such a problem though. They offer a wide array of beautiful and meaningful gifts which help convey your good wishes, affection and congratulations. Here is a list of the different gift ideas you can consider to congratulate your brother for this major accomplishment.

Beautiful mixed flower arrangements

Nothing expresses good wishes better than flowers. And nothing looks quite as glorious as a colourful and fresh mixed arrangement. You can choose a large bouquet that combines lilies, roses, carnations, daisies, or a bunch of multicoloured tulips to show your brother that you care about his achievements. A mixed arrangement of sunflowers, roses and orchids can also impress the recipient. Feel free to pick up arrangements that mix and match different shades, textures and sizes.

Lavish flower combos

A flower combo is one of the best gifts for congratulating and usually combines a bouquet of fragrant blooms with a box of gourmet chocolates or a cake or a box of delicious cookies. The sweet treats can make a bunch of roses, lilies or carnations look more lavish and cheerful. This is also a good idea if your brother has a sweet tooth.

Delicious gourmet chocolates

Sending an elegant box of gourmet chocolates can mean so much to your brother, especially if you know his favourite flavours. From milk, dark and Belgian to nutty, peanut butter, vanilla, nougat and caramel, the options are numerous. Sinfully rich chocolate cookies, brownies, cupcakes and pretzels or strawberries dipped in chocolate are some wonderful ideas too.

Grand gourmet gift baskets

To make a grand gesture, sending a gourmet gift basket is perfect. It can be a lavish chocolate or sweet basket that contains branded or handmade sweet treats like chocolate bars, chocolate drops, cookies, shortbread, cupcakes and more. Some baskets might be savoury in nature and comprise of flavoured cheeses, salamis, sausages, crackers, nuts, wafers and chips. Or, you can also consider sending a coffee or tea gift basket, which contains various exotic blends, mugs, and accompaniments like cookies, biscuits or wafers.

Healthy fruit gift baskets

If your brother is conscious about health and fitness, sending him a big basket of fresh fruits can be the most thoughtful gesture possible. These baskets can consist of seasonal or all-year fruits like apples, bananas, pears, pineapples, melons, kiwis, oranges and even berries. You might also come across baskets that combine fruits with chocolates or gourmet cheeses for an interesting gift.

So, no matter how far you are from your brother, send gifts online to wish him well for his new house and make a lasting impression. Just make sure you choose a reliable and reputed delivery website and compare prices and features before you take your pick. 

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