Every year, when Valentine’s Day is around the corner, gift shops, both online and offline are flooded with plenty of gift options to choose from. As the purpose of gifting is to show your love and affection, gifts need to be really special.

There was a time when Valentines’ gifts were limited to chocolates, flowers and cards. Things have evolved considerably, and this has changed the essence of gifting. Nowadays, presents revolve around gadgets, jewellery and beauty products. While they maybe an excellent choice, what they lack is the personal touch. Some tips to choose the perfect gift are as follows:

  1. At the first instance, you need to be thoughtful. You must have some idea at least about the interests and preferences of your partner. If you don’t, find ways to learn about them.
  2. Buy something meaningful but unpredictable
  3. Don’t focus on just the monetary value. Sometimes, things that cost less are more precious.
  4. Be mindful of your budget

Here are some interesting picks that will help you make this Valentine’s Day memorable for your loved one.

A favourite book:

For a book lover, there’s nothing more precious than a book that he/she always wanted but couldn’t get for some reason or the other. Get it beautifully wrapped and gift it along with a single stalk of red rose.

Romantic getaway:

The love for travel is universal and when a holiday is gifted as a surprise, the excitement increases manifolds. Plan a short vacation with your partner to a destination preferred by the two of you. Enjoy togetherness with your special someone in a special place for a memorable experience.

Personalised gifts:

The idea behind giving a personalised gift is to make the receiver feel extra special by adding an element of uniqueness to even the most regular gift. The range of personalised & Valentines-surprise gifts are vast. Personalised candles, photo frames, a pair of whiskey glasses, cushion, cutlery and even chocolates are options that can be considered.

Gift Baskets:

Gift baskets also offer you a great choice with their diversity. You can create a chocolate gift basket with different flavours and variety of chocolates and combine it with a bottle of red wine, a spa set with a preferred aroma or a travel basket with an elegant luggage tag, matching passport cover, wireless headphone, eye mask and an inflatable pillow.

Couple gifts:

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love, togetherness and bonding. What can be a better gift then than something that reflects your relationship. There are gifts that come in pairs and are meant for couples. These include watches, passport holders, photo-frames, mugs, keyrings, perfume sets, cushion covers and date night idea boxes.

Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to express your love to your beloved in the form of a thoughtful gift. With online gift shops, you can explore the endless gift options before picking up the right one. Online shopping is easy, convenient and secure and ensures timely delivery of gifts.


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