You want Valentine’s Day, the 14th February to be a special day and the best way is to keep surprise an important part of the tradition of expressing your love. Send your gift with no clue as to the sender identity because it’s often the only way you can really express a secret love. For many people this is the only way to express such feelings.

How do get your message across on early on Valentine’s Day? An affectionate gift wrapped in mystery will be the best $50 you could think of spending. A cute cuddly teddy bear with some of the most popular chocolates is all you need because the mystery of the gift is the really special part. A small gift card that contains only “?” will make the value of your gift increase tenfold. This is the best way of making sure they spend all day thinking about you, wondering was it you or some other secret admirer? They’ll not be able to be certain; there’ll always be that naughty doubt in their mind. How exciting it is to receive an anonymous gift.

Never fear if you are the only one true love, one real Valentine in her life. She will feel so special if you send your gift secretly. Send a combination of twelve red roses and some of the best chocolates she could want but who are they from? She’ll feel the most special person alive because someone lovers but they key is who? Send a second gift, a combo of roses and her favourite fragrance? This one she’ll guess because only you know about her favourite fragrance and that makes the first gift so special. This lady will be glowing with love because you have expressed your love for her so beautifully. What woman would not feel loved, treasured and cherished?

Now the real work starts. You need to keep the mystery alive. She will want to know if it was you but no matter what she asks you should never tell her it was you. Never commit, a simple look, or a raised eyebrow or perhaps a deft subject change will be enough to avoid answering yes or no if she asks “Did you send them.”

Valentine bouquet is not just a normal gift. Don’t think of this in the same way as a birthday gift where your surprise will be one of many. On Valentine’s Day you will be the only one making a gesture so your surprise will be even more powerful.

If you and your loved one are apart it is even more important that you make her feel special. Surprise her with a simple but beautiful gift and join the thousands of people who trust their Valentine surprises to us. From America to almost any destination in the world, we can get through for you but just remember perhaps to be a little more revealing with the answer to the “Did you…..” question as distance makes the heart grow fonder.

By JOHN DYKSTRA from The world gifts guide


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