A while ago, I’ve got to answer a quiz that results in finding the perfect match of flower choices. It was actually for women. I stayed in my man’s corner and answered every question if the quiz had been taken by the love of my life! It was amazing. I was shown an A-result and that roses, calla lilies match my girl’s personality. It was not any kind of a dream but we often confront her favorites unconsciously too!

Women personalities have always been expertly described with a single word “complex”. It is more of a cliché rather than a simple word. It is said that a man is a simple on/off electronic key like the one we have for our car. But a woman, you know, is like the dashboard of an airplane! Just kidding… Women are the true beauty of our life, perhaps saying that they are quite more than men would help suffice their agony!

Flowers with their divinity can be related to a woman. Flowers are timeless, fresh, fragrant, and full of life, beautiful and of course natural. Supposedly, there might not be any ancient Egyptian engraving about why flowers are generally considered as feminine. But they do resemble the soft and tender beauty of a woman’s heart. And perhaps this might be sufficient enough to relate!

Generally, women with a high degree of individuality and confidence levels usually love roses for the reason that roses depict a vibrant energy which they perceive in their personalities. The women who are generally warm and silent in their manners are usually attributed with flowers with a soft and tender nature like the gerbera daisies. The women who are chirpy and perky are usually attributed with the flowers like chrysanthemums and carnations.

However, it all depends upon the gift donor’s choice. So, it is advised that you know about these different kinds of attributes and then proceed to sort the best one for your special someone woman to gift a lasting expression of joy and love based upon their personality!

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