It”s international Women’s Day on 8th March and though women don’t really need a special day to celebrate womanhood, this day holds special significance for the entire world. The day celebrates the various facets of a woman’s life. People show their love and respect by gifting hampers, cards, small gifts or by sending flowers to the women in their lives.

If you are also looking for ways to make it a “Happy International Women’s Day” for your wife, daughter, sister, mother, grandmother or a female friend, here are some gift ideas to guide you through.

A plethora of gift baskets to choose from:

From chocolate baskets to a combination of stationery items, healthy gourmet delights to bath and shower gift sets and from makeup kits to customised mugs or a memento, a gift basket can hold some of the most perfect things for women. There are endless ways to create the perfect basket. Most online stores have several options to choose from, depending upon the occasion. Pick up things according to the choices of the recipient or things that you always wanted to gift or consider suitable as a giver. You can replace chocolates with healthy snacks or add a perfume bottle with a bath set or simply include a good book with a souvenir. Look for ways to make your basket a package full of love.

Think smart:

Thinking smart means that buying a gift that matches the interest of the receiver. The same gift for all may not be a good idea at all because no two women have the same choices or preferences. For example, gifting a food processor to someone who loves to cook makes sense, but it’s not ideal for women who are keener on reading or painting.

All things beautiful:

Fill the day with happiness by buying beautiful, thoughtful and meaningful gifts for women who mean a lot to you. This can include a gift as simple as a card with flowers or something as exclusive as a beautiful piece of jewellery.

Fill the day with fragrance:

Perfume sets are an ideal gift for women of all ages. There are unlimited options to choose from, in terms of fragrance and price. You can get it packaged beautifully to add to its appeal. Or, go for essential oils or aroma diffusers which she can use in her bedroom or study.

A gift of health:

Giving someone the gift of health in whatever way possible in always thoughtful. Your gift need not be expensive, but it should genuinely make the person feel important. So, gift her health club membership, some useful workout equipment or a wearable fitness gadget. A stylish set of health drinks or health bars can also be a thoughtful gesture.Whether you are far or near, with online gift delivery facilities, you can send gifts to your loved ones in any part of the globe. Gifts are more about your thoughts and less about the monetary value, so go ahead and make occasions special for the special women in your life by buying things that suit your budget and their taste.


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