Is your wife’s birthday knocking at the door? If there is very little time left and if you are still struggling to pick out the best gift for the most important person in your life, then this article will help you out! We have got you covered with a list of the most fantastic birthday presents for her.

Women love thoughtful gifts. Therefore, there’s no better way to show her love and admiration than by getting her a lavish gift basket. While there are quite a few reputed websites offering readymade gift delivery services these days, you can always put your creative streak to good use and put together a basket yourself.

Here are our favourite DIY gift basket ideas for her birthday. So, let’s get started!

1. Chocolate gift basket

If your lady love adores chocolates, then this is the go-to gift basket for her. Pick up a beautiful wicker or straw basket and use shredded colourful tissue papers as fillers.

Get creative and instead of only picking up her current favourite chocolates, look for those rare candies and chocolates that were accessible and popular when she was a kid.

Besides bars, candies and lozenges, you can pick up different gourmet chocolate foods like chocolate strawberries, chocolate cherries, a chocolate tasting kit, chocolate sauce, chocolate vodka or rum balls, chocolate fountain, fondue, mousse or drinking chocolate. You can also consider Gift Ideas To Make A Birthday Truly Sweet .

Honestly, there’s no end to it. Just keep in mind what she already loves and what she will be thrilled to try.

Do not forget to pair up the chocolates with the right drink, to make her day. Rum goes perfectly well with dark chocolate, or medium sweet Madeira will do the right magic too!

2. Gourmet cheese and nut gift basket

A gourmet basketcan never go wrong if your wife loves good food. For instance, you can go for a cheese-and-nuts basket. Bring in all the artisanal cheeses instead of the regular store-bought ones.

To ensure variety, pick up the soft Feta & Brie cheeses, the hard Gouda, Cheddar cheeses and not to forget, the blue cheeses- Gorgonzola, Roquefort cheeses. Don’t forget to add some nuts to pair with the cheese.

Now make it truly special by bringing in a lovely marble cheese board, spreading knives, wine glasses into the basket. The soft cream cheeses taste best with medium-sweet white wine while blue cheeses are salty and therefore taste best with a dessert wine or a plum-flavoured red wine.

3. Breakfast-in-bed gift basket

What better day to have the most lavish breakfast-in-bed than a birthday morning? Grab the best black ivory coffee or some fantastic Turkish coffee, freshly baked breakfast cakes like cinnamon vanilla sandwich cake, lemon cream cheese, and caramel and cream apple cake for this. Include the best seasonal preserves like jams, jellies, and chutneys.

The basket will be perfect when you add on a splendid pair of coffee mugs, a French press, fresh oranges, and even champagne to complete it.

If you are not too sure of doing a good DIY job, feel free to explore the world of online birthday gifts and baskets. Either way, with a basket full of surprises and tasty treats, her day will become exceptionally memorable.


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