e it high-school graduation or college graduation, the words pride and joy are not enough. It is time to celebrate for reaching the landmark your friends, children, or beloved has worked hard for.

Now it’s time to step into a new world with new possibilities and responsibilities; the new graduate definitely deserves the best gifts to receive the appreciation they deserve.

Our curation of gift ideas for a graduation party is not going to disappoint the star of the evening.

You may personalize few gifts, cute but soul-touching DIYs, curated gift baskets with lots of love, cakes, chocolates and much more!

Keep reading to find out more.

Graduation gifts for her

1. The perfect chocolate basket

Get started with a beautiful wicker basket or a vintage metal basket and turn it into the fanciest and most delicious chocolate basket ever. Include all the favourite chocolate candies, sticks, and bars and make it more special by adding artisanal hand-crafted chocolates, and treats. You can also get an assortment of milk, white, and dark chocolates to not lose out on anything!

Chocolate baskets can be amazing when you combine it with the right kind of drinks. The trick is to get darker wines for darker chocolates, such as Merlot (but nothing better than Cabernet Sauvignon); Tequila or gin for white chocolates, and of course Madeira for milk chocolates. There are so many graduation gifts for her online .

Oh, and don’t forget the star- the graduation cake without which the party just can’t be hosted.

Order cakes online , customize them just the way you fancy, and your party is set to rock!

2. The dream gift baskets

The best graduation giftsare always the ones that have a well-thought-out theme. Depending on what she likes, you can get as creative as possible. For a sports-girl, her ideal gift basket is going to be one of all new sports merchandise.

For beach babies, her basket should be full of flip flops, sunglasses, beach towels, sunscreens and a Frisbee. Is the new graduate a makeup and self-care lover? Fill her bucket with her favourites! The possibilities are endless.

Graduation gifts for him

We don’t agree that picking gifts for young men are especially tricky. Of course, if it’s his graduation day, the best cakes and chocolates are bound to be in his party.

But other than that, make him feel special by curating a gift basket for him.

1. The adult gift basket

He is not a kid anymore, so give him not only what he loves, but what he most definitely is going to need now. The best part about baskets is that you can put anything in it, as long as the gifts tell him how proud you are of him.

Pick up a beautiful watch, whether traditional or the revolutionary MVMT watches, fitness watches

Gift gorgeous dress shoes that a man must have, a key-and-phone tracker and you’re good to go!

2. Traveller gift basket

Who doesn’t love travelling? We all do. Go for this unique gift basket to thrill your guy. For a traveller basket go for USB memory sticks, earphones, travel adapter plugs, a fantastic song collection or playlist, and eye masks and earplugs, treats like chocolates- bars, sticks et al.

However, this is not definitive. Use your imagination and keep adding what you think is best.

We hope your loved one’s graduation party will be a memorable happy time and a blast!

Let us know which graduation gift you liked the best.


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