The sinfully sweet taste and delicious aroma of chocolates can make any happy occasion memorable. So, if you are brainstorming to decide on a gift for your sister’s birthday, your parents’ anniversary, your brother’s promotion or a friend’s housewarming party, chocolate baskets can be more than ideal.

These days, if you are short on time, you can easily send chocolate gift baskets online and thrill your loved ones. Or, you can also use a bit of creativity and put together a lovely gift basket yourself, without spoiling your budget. Take a look at the tips to get started.

Keep raw materials handy

Every DIY project needs some basic raw materials to get the job done well. A chocolate basket is no different. So, make sure you have glue, sealing tape and scissors in place. For the basket, you can choose an actual wicker basket or go quirky with a large and shallow vase, a big bowl, or a picnic basket. Colourful planters, sturdy plastic containers, or even an ice bucket can work.

Keep tissues or pretty hand towels or tea towels handy, to line the basket and cushion the chocolates and any other gifts. For basket filler, you can use artificial grass, shredded coloured craft paper or straw. To wrap up, get colourful cellophane and some pretty bows or ribbons.

Things to put in

It goes without saying that a chocolate basket should ideally comprise of different kinds of chocolate bars, truffles, candies, fudge brownies, cookies or even pretzels or wafers dipped in chocolate. What you include will depend on your budget and what is easily available at your local stores. Flavours can range from dark, milk and nutty to fruity, spicy, minty, and coffee.

Strawberries or cherries coated with chocolate or Belgian chocolates can lend a luxurious touch, even in small quantities. Children will especially love chocolates shaped like animals, Christmas trees, baubles, toys and so on, if the occasion demands. Feel free to include homemade chocolates or brownies if you love baking.

More than just chocolates

An affordable chocolate basket can also include items like homemade wine, fresh fruits, cheese, crackers and such. You can add aromatic coffee or tea blends, or even homemade jams and flowers. Crisps and nuts are a good addition if the recipient likes a bit of crunch. Chocolates can be paired with dry fruits like figs, apricots or dates as well. Sending heart-shaped chocolates is a good idea for Valentine’s Day or an anniversary. Including a small soft toy can make for an adorable impression.

Arrange it all right

Make sure the basket can accommodate all the items that you have decided to put in. Avoid overloading or sending a basket that looks a little empty. Arrange heavier and bigger items at the bottom and pile on the smaller and lighter ones on top of them. A subtly pyramidal arrangement can look great. Make sure to place cookies, wafers, biscuits and pretzels in such a way that they don’t get crushed.

Are you all set to create affordable yet attractive chocolate gift baskets now? Do feel free to incorporate your own ideas depending on the recipient and the event. Or, if you wish to save some time and energy, simply go online and place an order!

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