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Flowers are a statement gift. They convey a plethora of sentiments in various ways. Whether it’s a romantic gift for a boyfriend, a caring basket of flowers for a friend or a cordial bouquet for a boss, flowers can never go wrong!

The different kinds of flowers hold different meanings, making your gift even more personal for the recipient. Each flower has a distinct symbology, making it ideal for one occasion or the other. If you wish to send someone a fresh floral bouquet, learn the language of flowers to feel more confident about your selection.  


Birthdays are a way to make someone feel special about themselves. If you have a loved one whose big day is approaching, there is no safer and better gift than a stunning birthday bouquet. The choice of flowers largely depends on the recipient’s preference and your relation with them.

If you’re sending flowers to a partner, there is nothing more romantic than a rose bouquet. Roses have long held the title as the flower that conveys feelings of love. Red roses especially are considered the harbinger of romantic relationships. You can couple this flower bouquet with chocolates and a classy bottle of wine to make a basket that any man or woman will love.

The color of your chosen flower bouquet also conveys your feelings. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and harmony. Send birthday roses to your long distance best friend and let them know you care, even when far away!

If you’re celebrating the birthday of a boss or colleague, you can play it safe with a no nonsense basket of flowers. Flowers are appreciated universally, so there is no better route than this as a formal gift. The best choice of flowers to give to a boss includes carnations, jasmine, orchids, daisies, gladiolas and lilies. Send these over in a keepsake box for your boss to remember the gesture forever.

Important Holidays

The onset of the holiday season brings with it a plethora of occasions to celebrate with your loved ones. This also brings the responsibility of sending a token of love and appreciation to your near and dear ones. While there are several gifts you could send on Thanksgiving or Christmas, nothing beats the delivery of a fresh bouquet at your recipient’s doorstep.

Flowers bring love and light, and everyone loves them so your gift will never be unappreciated. You can pair the flowers with anything: a perfume, a box of chocolates, or a teddy bear according to the nature of the occasion.

Poinsettias are the uncontested flower choice for Christmas. They are available in an assortment of colors. You can go traditional and send a stunning floral bouquet with red poinsettias or add a hint of white to make the basket even more festive.  The Amaryllis is another popular choice of holiday flower due to its unmistakable scent and vibrant colors.

A flower bouquet will add love and light to any home so no matter how far away, you can always look for a bouquet shop online and send a basket to your loved ones across borders.

Valentine’s Day

When it comes to the declared day of romance, flowers are the first choice for lovers all across the world! Roses are the preferred choice for this occasion, unless your partner is particularly fond of another type of flower. On this special day, the color of the rose you choose is of paramount importance so be careful in your selection!

Red is the obvious symbol of love and passion. However, you can go a different route by choosing white roses that depict pure love and chastity. Since valentine’s day is not only limited to lovers, friends can celebrate this occasion by sending each other yellow or pink roses, signifying their bond and appreciation for one another. Send online roses in case you can’t personally deliver without any hassle!

Flowers are a foolproof gift for all occasions. Get spoiled for choice oflower bouquets online. Once you have the right match for your recipient, let your gift do the rest of the talking!


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