The year is going to end soon and we are already planning to welcome and embrace a brand new year with loads of happiness and celebrations. Of course, when it comes to celebrating the New Year, being with the family around is most important and a family is incomplete without its hearts, the little kids. Once you are done with choosing the New Year gifts online, it is time to arrange for the parties and an exclusive kid’s New Year party is a must too. So, let’s discuss the excellent dessert ideas for a kid’s party since no party can be enjoyed without savouring a few mouth-watering delights.

Why Desserts Are A Must For Every Kid’s Party?

It is true that children are not as fond of foods as adults are. While adults often look forward to the alcohol and food items being served in a party, kids are more engrossed in playing and having a fun time of their own. However, the little ones, irrespective of whether they eat enough vegetables or meat, are usually never tired of the sweet treats. That is why; you must plan for some great desserts that are as tasty as visually appealing for the children in the party. Let’s explore some of them.

Cakes and Chocolates Based Desserts

Both cakes and chocolates are favourites of practically all kids. When you have both of these in plenty, you can prepare anything and be assured that the little ones will keep licking the plate. The simplest recipe would be a small but rich chocolate cake, which is also the ultimate chocolate lover’s cake. Make sure that the dosage of both is high so, include two rich layers of chocolate sponge cake and top then with silky chocolate butter cream frosting. The flavourful smell of the dessert itself will draw the kids to it.

Vanilla cupcakes are yet another preferred dessert for kid’s parties. You can never go wrong with these rather easy to make cupcakes. As an addition, just personalize them with a few decorative butterflies made from colourful candies. Get a chocolate basket and an assortment of candies ready for decking up any of these desserts.

Cake and Ice Cream Based Desserts

Cake and cream is no less of a deadly and much-loved dessert combination for kids. Prepare a Boston Cream Pie with moist vanilla sponge cake filled with vanilla pastry cream and finally, topped with a chocolate glaze. This classic cake dessert contains everything that calls for a finger-licking taste. No wonder the cream pie is loved by children and adults alike.

If the kids in the party love fruits, then do plan for a healthy dessert in the form of the Tutti-Frutti gelatine Mold. It will be a multi-layered dessert with varying flavours from items like the Raspberries, Strawberries, Orange Slices and Mandarin.

Last but not the least; the ice cream sandwiches never grow old. With a chocolate or strawberry ice cream sandwich, you will never have to decide on whether your little guests would love ice cream or cookies more. Pack the ice cream between vanilla and butter wafer cookies and get the delicious dessert ready.

All of the above dessert ideas will not only make the New Year kid’s party too much fun but also surprise you with how quickly the little ones finish each plate.


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