Rakhi is around the corner and like bygone years, it will once again bring in the perfect occasion for brothers and sisters to celebrate their beautiful bond with gifts, food and lots of love. On this day, sisters tie Rakhi on their brothers’ wrist, and the latter make a firm promise to protect sisters against all evil while praying for a healthy and happy life for each other. Gifts are exchanged between them as an ideal expression of their love and feelings for each other. It is an occasion where families get together reminiscing childhood days and times, and bond over good food while children learn the significance of the festival through the different rituals conducted at their homes.

While children make merry with their brothers, sisters and cousins during this occasion, elders who stay miles apart from their siblings, Send Rakhi Gifts and a Rakhi, expressing their love on this day. Online gift shops are in huge demand during this time since people depend on them for timely Rakhi gift delivery to their loved ones. In Europe, South East Asians celebrate Rakhi with a lot of fanfare. They gather at a common place and women tie Rakhi to men who are not their real brothers to keep up the spirit of the festival. Similarly, in Nepal, which is the only Hindu country in the world, celebrates Rakhi like Indians. It begins and ends by girls tying a Raksha Sutra or Rakhi on the wrists of their brothers over family get together and feasts. In fact, certain organizations in Australia and Canada organize Rakhi celebration in their offices to boost spirits of fellow Indians.

However, deciding on a gift every year becomes a daunting task since sisters look for newer and innovative gifting ideas to make it special for their brothers and vice versa.

Here are some Rakhi gift ideas that can help you decide on the perfect one for your brother or sister:

  1. Personalized LED Pillow- Get a special message or a secret printed on a pillow or cushion cover with images. Locate the LED circuit from outside the pillow cover, and switch it on such that the pillow glows softly and the message shines through. This is an ideal expression of love and a thoughtful gift.
  2. Personalized Special Table Top- Few precious sibling photos coupled with heartfelt messages are a perfect expression of your sentiments during Rakhi. Turn them into a memorable artwork, lend it a table top shape in a wooden base and allow it to sit pretty in your favourite corner. A beautiful reminder of good times!
  3. Personalized Tree Frame- A collection of the choicest photographs turned into a beautiful tree shaped photo frame is a concoction of memories you would want to relive every day. Hang it in your room and place it in a special corner, as it will always make you smile.
  4. Gift Baskets- A big basket of gourmet chocolates, cookies or even savoury items like chips, nuts, cheese and sausages can make for a grand gesture on Rakhi as a Gifts for kids . Or if your sibling or cousin is health-conscious, gift a basket of fresh fruits to show that you care.

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