Also known as the Double Seventh Festival and the Seventh Night Festival, Qixi is similar to Valentine’s Day for the Chinese community. It takes place on the seventh night of the seventh lunar month (falls usually in August). On this day, recalling tales of the “Weaving Maid and the Cowherd” is a common practice in China. It is a traditional Chinese holiday that has gained popularity in recent years.

Couples celebrate Qixi with fervour and enthusiasm trying to pick popular gifts for their loved ones. They usually surprise their special someone by ordering gifts online even when they are miles apart.

Over the years, the gifting tradition has undergone changes as multiple options are available today. Here’s a guide to help you choose the perfect gift and celebrate Qixi in style with your valentine:

  1. Gift vouchers – If you have an expensive proposition in mind, then book a sunset dinner on a cruise or gift a travel voucher to make unforgettable memories for life. You can also book a couple photoshoot to capture the best times you have spent with your beloved, in a frame. A thoughtful gift, it ends up brightening up smiles.
  2. Gift basket– Long distance lovers can surprise their partners by using international gift delivery services offered by online gift stores. You can send across an assorted pack of cookies, chocolates, health bars and munchies to make your special someone feel cherished. A big basket of fresh fruits can also be a welcome gift for someone who is fitness conscious.
  3. Spa Basket – Pamper your partner with an entire body care range that will revitalize his or her mind, body and soul. A spa basket with a large variety of essential oils, shower gels, body creams, fragrant candles, body scrub and face mask, is just the right gift to pamper your special one’s senses. It also sets the right tone for a romantic celebration.
  4. DVDs of Romantic Movies – It is also a good idea to gift your special someone a special collection of evergreen romantic movies that you both can enjoy together in a private setting. This is a romantic gift that will always remain special for you both. Keep some popcorn, chips, cheese and wine ready to complete the experience.
  5. A little stargazing – Since the Qixi festival focuses on celestial symbols, several couples take to the night sky and spend hours star gazing. This is a romantic experience, and couples often celebrate Qixi by looking up at the clear sky and observe the annual reunion of two heavenly bodies. This is a thoughtful gift idea especially if you are on a tight budget.

The above Qixi gifting ideas will help you pick up the right gifts for your partner and celebrate the Chinese Valentine’s Day in the most romantic way. Whatever you choose, the gifts must be your highest expression of love, trust and togetherness with a promise to always be there through thick and thin. Love after all, is the most beautiful feeling in the world! So, remember to send your gift with a handwritten note that says how you feel too


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