Experts weigh in to find an answer to the most talked about query in relationships. When two people start dating, it’s all about those late night chats, endless phone calls, whispering sweet nothings to each other, and the impending excitement of exchanging gifts.

Over the course of time, these romantic gestures begin to fizzle out, leaving people wondering where the charm went. Fortunately, love gurus have an answer to your consternation. As we begin to get more comfortable with each other, we stop the task to impress our partner. While comfort and closeness is an imperative progression in relationships, it also has a grave side effect: we forgot to make the other person feel special from time to time in order to revive the butterflies, the blushes, and the giddy joy you felt at your very first date!

A foolproof way to win back the magic you may have lost is to surprise your sweetheart with a gift every now and then. Why, you ask? Keep reading to find out.

Gifts Say Someone Cares

Relationship coach, Michele Lisenbury Christensen, states that the art of giving gifts establishes the fact that your partner really cares and helps to deepen your connection. We tend to get so busy in our daily lives that we end up sending hasty text messages or an ‘I’ll call you back’ that may not be very well-received by your partner.  

Instead of going through the daily drill of explaining where, when and how busy you were throughout the day, a delicious chocolate gift basket delivered right to her doorstep with an adorable stuffed teddy bear will immediately soften her heart.

Gifts Help Cheer You Up

Stress is an inevitable part of life that may rear its ugly head at any time. Most people often turn to their partners for comfort and solace. However, if our partner is busy or not able to take time out to meet us, we tend to take it personally as expectations from loved ones are usually sky high.

If your boyfriend or husband had a bad day at work, you could always cheer him up with a comforting hot chocolate gift basket that is a warm hug in itself, with an inspirational quote that he can hang in his cabin to lift up his spirits. Since hot chocolate is proven to reduce stress, anxiety and improve mood, there can be no better gesture than this thoughtful gift.  

Gifts Say Someone is Thinking of You

Long Distance relationships suffer the biggest brunt of lack of communication. Across geographical borders, different timings and schedules make it hard to keep up, explaining why many long distance relationships tend to fall apart. However, the key to making it work is making your partner feel loved and wanted.

When you’re far apart, miscommunication can easily unnerve the foundation of your relationship. To prevent that, you can schedule an international gift deliveryto your partner. This small gesture will let them know you are thinking of them. This validation is necessary to hold a bond together.  

Gifts Make Occasions Special

Whether it’s a first anniversary or Valentine’s Day, celebrations without gifts are like Christmas without Santa! This is your way to get creative and let your partner know how much you cherish and appreciate their presence in your life.

The great thing about gifts is that they don’t necessarily have to be expensive to make an impact. It’s the thought that counts most. A decorated, fancy Godiva gift basket with a framed picture of you both, topped with a love note, can make your partner feel super special, just the result you were hoping for!

Gifts Help Keep the Charm Alive

Let’s face it: we all love tearing into the wrapping paper to reveal what our beloved has chosen for us. When relationships start getting old, the charm tends to dwindle. However, you can easily remedy that with this simple yet sweet gesture.

Pleasantly surprise your partner with a fresh flower bouquet, a gourmet gift hamper, or a love pillow to help keep the spark alive. This way, you and can ensure you have the right balance to make this bond last forever.

Relationships are really not that complicated. It takes a little bit of love, communication, and the added charm of gifts to pamper your partner. These small gestures will go a long way to solidify the foundation of your relationship. So what are you waiting for? Send a gift to your dearest right away to revive any lost love!


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