It is often challenging to come up with a gift idea that is useful, thoughtful as well as attractive! Moreover, most people need to keep a certain budget in mind before they can splurge on a gift. This is the reason why, fruit gift baskets are becoming increasingly popular these days. Whether it is your health-conscious cousin’s birthday, your grandparents’ anniversary or an ailing friend is slowly recovering, you can send fresh fruits anywhere in the world now, with a few clicks online. These are nutritious, extremely low in calories and taste great on all occasions. You can also choose to put together a fruit basket at home, with these simple tips:

Get the basics right

To make fruit gift baskets, you definitely need a robust and large enough basket that can hold all the fruits you have in mind. Apart from cane or wicker baskets, you can recycle old wooden crates after painting them, or use big and shallow bowls or even flower pots that are lying unused. Make sure the basket is absolutely clean.

Pick fresh fruits at all times, and those that are completely devoid of scars, spots and don’t smell strange. When it comes to variety, take your pick from pineapples, bananas, apples, pears, mangoes, oranges or anything else that is in season. Small fruits like grapes, cherries, berries, and soft ones like plums can also be added if you arrange them carefully.

Keep a transparent or coloured plastic sheet handy, along with stylish streamers or bows for decoration. You might also need glue.

Start arranging

There are many websites these days that offer fresh fruits baskets delivery services, in case you are not too confident about putting one together yourself. But if you are a little creative, this should be easy.

  • Start putting the heavy fruits in the basket first and in the middle. So, pineapples, melons, or grapefruits should be arranged in the centre. You can then arrange smaller fruits like apples, oranges, or pears around them. Feel free to coordinate colours as per your wish, or try to create a contrast. Remember to never put fruits like strawberries, grapes or plums under any heavier fruits, as they might easily get damaged.
  • The structure in which you arrange fruits can be pyramidal or like a hemisphere, depending on the fruits you use. Make sure that the basket doesn’t topple.
  • Cover the arrangement with the transparent plastic sheet, and use glue to hold it in place. You can use vibrant ribbons to securely tie the whole arrangement and then add a pretty bow on top.

Do something extra

A fruit gift basket doesn’t necessarily have to have only fruits. You can tuck in packs of gourmet chocolates or cheeses here and there, to make the arrangement more delicious and indulgent. Dried fruits, flavourful nuts, cookies and even wine bottles can be added to the basket, given you have enough space. So, plan ahead. It is also a good idea to add vibrant flowers here and there for aesthetic appeal. Or, you can send the basket with a bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers for a grand gesture!

As it is easy to order fruits and flower gifts online nowadays, if you are not too keen on DIY, just log on to a reputed website and get your preferred basket delivered without any hassle. You are sure to find a beautiful gift basket that suits your taste and budget perfectly.


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