Christmas is the gifting season — a time when we give gifts to and expect gifts from one another, a time when we can pamper our loved ones with something that they like. More than just an object, a gift is a feeling, a thought and a token of love and appreciation that your relationship matters the most to you.

Gift giving has long been associated with the holiday season during Christmas and New year. It is a fabulous way to contribute to the festive cheer and the happy spirits. Exchange of gifting is not a one-sided affair and on the contrary, the giver is happier than the receiver. Recent studies show people who are skilled at selecting and giving the perfect gift, go on to establish stronger bonds with their loved ones. And this particularly holds true when it comes to the person you love the most – your spouse. Just as special as your relationship is, the gift too needs to be chosen with special care. Whether your relationship is new, or you’ve been together for more than a decade or so, a perfect gift is just the right way to convey your feelings and to add to your love quotient.

Here’s a curated list of ideas for romantic gifts for the special person in your life.

Romantic gifts for her

  • Perfume:Choose a timeless, intoxicating perfume set for that someone special. Packaged in an attractive way, it looks pretty and smells divine, making it ideal for gifting purposes.
  • Night wear:Get romantic and make your girl feel special by gifting the perfect silk nightwear to enjoy a beautiful night together.
  • Jewellery:Gifting a sophisticated jewellery piece never goes wrong with women. A finger ring, earring, necklace or a bracelet – every object has a long-lasting appeal.
  • A trip:Nothing could really beat the happiness of getting a trip to your favourite destination as a gift. Why not gift a holiday to surprise your soulmate?
  • A box of chocolates:Gourmet chocolates in various flavours like milk, dark, nougat, caramel and coconut can add tons of sweetness to the occasion and your relationship.

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Romantic gift for him

  • A date night:This is the best way to take out time for just the two of you. It could be at your place or away from home. Make every moment of the night memorable.
  • Music accessories:This could possibly be one of the best gifts for music lovers. You can choose anything from wireless music player to Bluetooth speaker, upcycled record coasters to touch control LED mood light.
  • Photo Blanket:Cuddle up and enjoy precious moments of togetherness in personalised photo blankets.
  • Cashmere Scarf:Add the warmth of your love this winter, by gifting your beloved a cashmere scarf in a beautiful, bright shade.
  • Cufflinks or Watch:Explore the collection of luxury watches or cufflinks and select the right one for the special man in your life.

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There are no fixed rules to buying and giving gifts. It’s with your thoughts and efforts that you can make gift exchange a memorable event for your loved ones. This holiday season, spend some time in thinking of something that would truly add to your soulmate’s happiness.


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