During the festive season, gifting is not only important among family but it is also important in the corporate world. Today, businesses make it a point to curate and send out gifts during the festive season to make their clients and business partners feel appreciated. Although corporate gifting is a trend that has picked up only in the last few years, it is now important to properly research and purchase corporate gifts. This year, for the festive season, we recommend a chocolaty theme for your corporate gifts. If you are looking for corporate gift ideas, look no further.

Chocolate basket

A chocolate basket is a great corporate gift, especially when you are sending it to the higher-ups in the company. A chocolate basket can be a carefully curated gift, which can include a number of products such as chocolate truffles, chocolate bars, chocolate bombs, chocolate covered dry fruits and even chocolate covered crackers. The number of items you put in the gift basket depends entirely on your budget. The possibilities are endless; so make sure you do your research before creating a chocolate gift basket.

Personalised Chocolates

Personalised chocolates are another great idea to add a personal touch to corporate gifts. Personalised gifting options include chocolate bars with the recipient’s initials on them. You can also go for customised boxes that contain chocolates to be given as a corporate gift. Another great idea is to write a thoughtful note with the box of chocolates in order to add a personal touch to the gift.

Company logo chocolates

There is no better time to remind your clients of your company and its functions than during the festive season. Corporate gifts during the festive season are the perfect time to send a reminder to old clients that you are still in the playing field. It is also a good time to remind current clients that they are important for you. Adding your company logo to chocolates can have a great impact on your client.

Indian sweets

Indian sweets in the beloved chocolate flavour? That is a very real possibility in today’s world. Most sweet shops now have a variety of flavours in traditional sweets, and chocolate is one of them. If you are looking to gift something unusual to your client, chocolate favoured Indian sweets can help you make a great impression. During Diwali, Indian sweets would be particularly appreciated and with chocolate in the mix, your gift will have a modern twist to it.

Chocolate bars

Chocolate bars are another great gifting option. When choosing chocolate bars, you have two options: either go with what is available in the market or get custom made chocolate bars with your chosen filling. With chocolate bars available in the market, you can go for personalized chocolate wrappers with your company’s name or logo on it. However, if you choose to get personalised chocolate bars made, you will be able to pick and choose the size, type, and toppings for the bars, thereby allowing you to control the cost.

Corporate gifts delivery should be done at least a week or 15 days before Diwali. If you send it right before Diwali, chances are, the office will already be closed for the festive season. These corporate gifting ideas will help you choose the perfect gift to send your clients. So this festive season, go all out and impress your clients with well-chosen, thoughtful, and delicious corporate gifts.


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